A young boy learns how to brush his teeth correctly with the help of a student doing a Dentistry internship abroad.

Dentistry Internships Abroad


Our dental internships abroad give you the clinical skills you need to take the next step toward your future career as a dentist. Not only will you learn from qualified dentists and gain global experience, you will: 

  • Work in professional medical facilities, like a hospital dental ward or a specialist dental clinic
  • Gain insight into how dental practices differ in developing countries, and how dentists cope with fewer resources
  • See oral diseases and conditions much more advanced than you would see at home (like tooth decay)
  • Observe routine and complex procedures, like root canals or maxillo-facial surgery 
  • Participate in hands-on dental outreaches and raise awareness of oral hygiene

We offer a range of dental programs, including: 

  • Dental internships for high school students
  • Internships for pre-dental students
  • Dental internships for college students
  • Dentistry volunteer opportunities for professionals 

No matter which dental internship you choose, we can tailor the experience to fit your level. You can also trust in the Projects Abroad guarantee: that all of our programs are safe, flexible, and hassle-free. Once you arrive in-country, all you need to worry about is the wealth of knowledge there is for you to absorb!

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Dentistry interns and healthcare staff after completing a dental outreach and medical camp in Sri Lanka.
Dentistry Internship in Sri Lanka
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  • Price: $2,300 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $400 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over
An intern on a Dentistry Project in Ghana with local medical staff at a clinic.
Dentistry Internship in Ghana
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  • Price: $2,500 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $400 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over
Projects Abroad Dentistry interns pose with a local healthcare staff member during their Dentistry placement in Tanzania.
Dentistry Internship in Tanzania
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  • Price: $2,500 USD for 1 week
  • Extra Weeks: $400 USD
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Minimum Duration: 1 week
  • Ages: 16 or over
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Is a dental internship abroad right for me?

No matter your level of experience, our dental shadowing opportunities help you gain relevant skills in the fields while working in a supportive environment.

Our dentistry internships for high school students ages 15-18 provide constant supervision and guidance from our trained staff. You get to: 

  • Shadow dentists and learn about oral conditions and diseases first-hand
  • Attend lectures and workshops taught by professionals
  • Learn essential medical skills like measuring blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Use your new skills to help others during healthcare outreaches, the perfect component for anyone interested in dental volunteer opportunities for high school students

Our dental internships for college students offer a similar experience, but you work more independently. You’ll get the information you need to decide if a career in dentistry is really for you. Or you can supplement your ongoing studies with real-world, clinical experience. And when you need support on our volunteer opportunities for pre-dental students, our staff will be there for you 24/7.    

If you’re a professional looking to be a dental volunteer abroad, our programs offer you a new challenge. You’ll share your knowledge and skills with local staff, and give back by treating disadvantaged patients.  

Please note that the amount of hands-on work can vary between our destinations. While we always ensure that you learn essential skills wherever you go, we cannot guarantee that you will perform certain tasks or observe specific procedures. If there are things you want to see, reach out to our Project Experts to discuss your options!

Not 100% convinced a dental internship abroad is for you? Here are other options for you to look at:

  • Public Health: Get more hands-on experience with conducting health checks and educational campaigns
  • Nutrition: Learn more about the importance of healthy eating and good lifestyle choices
  • Speech Therapy: Observe professionals at work and learn what speech therapy practices are like in developing countries

Read our full list for medical internships abroad.

A dentist performs a dental procedure for a patient in Kenya as a student doing a Dentistry internship abroad observes.

Summer Dental Internships for Undergraduates

Our Flexi Trips are ideal as summer dental internships for undergraduates. You choose your own start and end dates, so you can travel whenever you want during the popular months of June, July, and August. These programs run throughout the year, so you can also join during quieter months and the semester.

What are the benefits of a dental internship abroad?

There are several benefits to completing a dental internship for college students or high schoolers. You’ll get the experience you need to prepare yourself for the next stage in your education and career. It’s an exciting and different way to develop your skills and knowledge. 

You can also expect to: 

  • Improve global competencies such as communication, organization, planning, teamwork, time-management, leadership, and resilience
  • Observe oral conditions and treatment methods you might not encounter at home
  • Get a more in-depth dental shadowing experience compared to your home country
  • Learn to work and empathize with people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Improved self-confidence as you broaden your horizons

All of the above will enhance your resume and your personal development, and give you great points to talk about in interviews and applications.

How are our dental internships different?

At Projects Abroad, our first aim is to benefit the communities we work in. You can be assured that your internship is ethical, well supported, and part of a better future. Here are a few elements of our work that set it apart from other internship programs:

Recording our work in a secure database

We created a Global Impact Database so we can track the positive impact our projects have. This is a secure and anonymous database that we use to identify specific areas of need. It allows us to use data to shape medical outreaches and health awareness programmes. We can also monitor individuals we see often, report our results and collect data for research. All of this work is guided by our Management Plans.  

Real work with trained professionals

On our dental internships abroad, you’ll work alongside real healthcare professionals. You can observe them in their everyday work, ask questions, and hear more about their experiences. You’re likely to get more insights into the frontline of medical care than in your home country.

A tailored approach

We’re often able to tailor your internship to your interests. You can work in more than one department or focus on one particular area, or experience outreach work in the local community.

A local dentist is assisted with a dental procedure by a Japanese dentist at a clinic in Latin America.

Our Medicine & Healthcare Policy

We take the safety of our volunteers, interns, and the people they work with very seriously. That’s why we’ve put in place a comprehensive Medical Ethics Policy.

Need some help?

Most of our staff have been interns and volunteers themselves, so they’re here to answer your questions, big or small: 

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