A group of volunteers work together to plant rice with local farmers in Madagascar, Africa.

Volunteer Abroad Scholarships and Grants

Explore a list of resources for volunteer abroad funding and scholarships

We’ve compiled a list of the best and most current scholarships for volunteering abroad, to help you in your search of affordable volunteer abroad programs. We know that financing an overseas trip can be a challenge, so we’re here to help turn your dream of volunteering abroad into a reality. Read on for answers to your most asked questions about government funding for volunteering abroad and the scholarships available to volunteer abroad.

Can you get scholarships for volunteering?

Yes, you can! All of the scholarships listed below can be applied to a Projects Abroad volunteer program. We’re glad to provide a proof of certificate and reference upon successful completion of your project.

How do I get funding for volunteering abroad?

There are a number of scholarships available and they can be applied to any Projects Abroad volunteer program. Unfortunately, Projects Abroad is unable to provide financial aid directly because we don’t receive any external funding. However, we’re here to help with fundraising ideas and we’ve provided a list of grants and scholarships for humanitarian work:

  • GoOverseas - offers regular volunteer abroad scholarships and study abroad scholarships, totaling $100,000 annually
  • Volunteer Forever - offers $500 and $1,000 travel scholarships twice a year
  • Samuel Huntington Award - offers $15,000 stipends to graduating college seniors for a year of meaningful public service
  • Hosteling International - offers over $2,000 scholarships to over one hundred individuals each year for traveling with an educational or service component
  • Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship - offers grants to study and intern abroad for US citizens who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funds and enrolled in a university
  • Becca’s Closet - offers scholarships to US citizens who have demonstrated outstanding community service in high school and will attend a university
  • All People Be Happy - offers various grants to people completing a volunteering abroad program
  • Footprinter Grant - offers grants to those who are planning to volunteer abroad for a minimum of six months
  • StudySoup Future Innovator Scholarship - offers $1,000 scholarship to a current student who exemplifies leadership and a willingness to help others
  • ZipRecruiter - offers a $3,000 scholarship to US citizens currently enrolled in school
  • Fund For Education Abroad - offer a number of scholarships for programs longer than 4 weeks
  • Freeman-ASIA - awards scholarships to undergraduates who will study abroad in Asia
  • CGTrader Scholarship - offers $3,000 to currently enrolled students who write an essay on technology
  • Vape Craft - offers two $4,000 scholarships to any enrolled student in the US who write a short essay on a topic
  • Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad - offers two $1,000 scholarships to a student enrolled in a study abroad program that will add credits to your university degree
  • AlcoRehab - offers $6,000 in scholarships to US university-enrolled students who write an essay on the dangers of alcohol abuse

Additional Scholarship Search Boards

  • College Board - regularly posts available scholarships within a search query
  • Youth Hop - regularly updates with a comprehensive list of scholarships available
  • Honor Society - offers various scholarships
  • Rotary Club - offers various scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study to future leaders and philanthropists 

Can I volunteer abroad for free?

Volunteering abroad provides numerous benefits to communities around the world while enriching travelers' lives with meaningful travel experiences. But you may be asking yourself, “Why do I have to pay to volunteer abroad?”

Our volunteer programs come with a fee because we implement long-term sustainable projects that employ local staff. We also provide you with everything you need for a safe, secure, and hassle-free trip. It’s important that we direct our funds where they are needed the most, to the projects we establish and the solutions we implement.

Read on more here to see how our prices work.

How much does volunteering abroad cost?

Our projects have various prices, depending on the location, length of time, and level of the project. On our Marine Conservation Projects you’ll earn your PADI Open Water Diving certificate. On others, you’ll work in parks and reserves with special access, like in Galapagos National Park, Tuli Reserve in Botswana, or living with a Mongolian nomadic community. However, you may be wondering, “How much does it cost to volunteer abroad?”

We’ve provided these resources about how our prices work and how our projects work. We make change possible through our projects. Each one solves a specific problem, in a specific place. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and we champion responsible volunteer travel.

How can I volunteer for cheap abroad?

Volunteering abroad is an enriching experience for both volunteers and organizations needing support around the world. The funds you pay to volunteer abroad support long-term, sustainable programming, as well as providing you with everything you need to safely volunteer abroad. However, it’s important you work with responsible volunteer travel programs that you can trust.

We obey a strict set of policies, ethics and codes of conduct and annually measure our impact to ensure that our projects make a difference. Annually, we receive accreditations and awards for our commitment to sustainable travel.

You can achieve affordable volunteer trips abroad by applying for scholarships, using your local community to fundraise, setting up flexible payment plans, and searching for government funding for volunteering abroad. Reach out to local service organizations, like Rotary Club, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus, YMCA, YWCA for opportunities specific to your community.

Your contributions on these volunteer programs will be respected by future job and college applications, your friends and family, and appreciated by communities around the world.

Reach out to any of our Project Experts for help with your search. We’re here to guide you through this process and help you discover what you’re capable of!

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